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the oldest non-profit academic research institution
devoted to Near and Middle East studies in Europe

The German Orient-Institute was established in 1960 by the German Near and Middle East Association (Nah- und Mittelost-Verein e.V., NUMOV). The foundation’s mission is the enhancement and promotion of the relationship between Germany and the states and societies of the Near and Middle East, from the Maghreb region to Afghanistan and Pakistan, in the spheres of academia, economics, culture and politics. Through its high-profile Board and Board of Trustees, the DOI has excellent connections in many domains of the economy, politics, culture, academia and research, and can draw upon the expertise of recognised specialists. To this end, the DOI maintains a network of experts and institutions in the region and is able to call on qualified employees with corresponding academic backgrounds as well as cultural understanding and language proficiency. As qualified scholars of Islamic studies, historians, sociologists and political scientists, the staff of the DOI specialise in the politics, cultures and languages of the Near and Middle East. In addition, the DOI regularly releases academic publications, such as the journal ORIENT, DOI-Kurzanalysen and various policy studies.

Zeitschrift für Politik, Wirtschaft und Kultur des Orients

April 2024

Aspects of digital transformation from the Gulf to North Africa



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